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Need help on XperiaZ2 model

hi guyzz, I'm from India and i need ur help on z2 model availability here at GSMnation.

I thought to consider GSMnation bcz in my region sony doesnt supply an LTEedition of z2 and more premium features like wireless charging option,etc but we have to spend the same amount :-( . I have to travel inter-nation and LTE option would be nice. 

Only they give freebies here(Smartband and stand-case).

So heres the product package contents I'm lookin for:   1. the LTE version(6503) 2. noise cancelling hdphones(MDRNC) 3. wireless charger as you"ll have to tamper the waterproof flap otherwise 4. Z2's premium case.

The  case and the smartband could be purchased separately, no issues. But it would be great if the product is worth the money with the above features

any help is greatly appreciated.and tell me about shipping options. Vaisak

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